Resetting the Passwords on all of Your SQL Azure Servers

Managing the passwords of your SQL Azure servers is now 100% scriptable. It’s so easy to reset them it’s almost like magic 🙂
The code below takes your subscription id and your management certificate and returns all of the SQL Azure servers in your subscription. It takes that collection and passes them to the Set-SqlAzurePassword Cmdlet along with the new password.

Resetting the Passwords of all SQL Azure Servers in your Subscription

$subscriptionId = "Your-ID-Goes-Here"
$cert = Get-Item cert:\CurrentUser\My\YOURCERTTHUMBPRINTGOESHERE
Get-SqlAzureServer -Certificate $cert -SubscriptionId $subscriptionid | `
	Set-SqlAzurePassword -NewPassword "abracadabra0!"

Creating a new SQL Azure Server and Firewall Rule with PowerShell

Creating SQL Azure Servers and Configuring firewall rules is surprisingly easy with the new Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets 2.0.

Step 1: Add the WAPPSCmdlets Snapin or Module

Add-PsSnapin WAPPSCmdlets

Step 2: Create a Few Needed Variables

$subscriptionid = "your subscription id"
$cert = Get-Item cert:\CurrentUser\My\yourcertthumbprint
$adminLogin = "sqlAzureLogin"
$adminPassword = "sqlAzurePassword"

Step 3: Call the Cmdlets With Your Variables

$newServer = New-SqlAzureServer -AdministratorLogin $adminLogin -AdministratorLoginPassword $adminPassword `
			       -Location "North Central US" -Certificate $cert `
				   -SubscriptionId $subscriptionid

$newServer | New-SqlAzureFirewallRule -RuleName "EveryBody" `
			-StartIpAddress "" -EndIpAddress ""

Obviously, you would want to change the firewall rule if you did not want EVERY IP address to be able to connect to your server but you get the idea.

Updating SQL Azure Firewall Rules with Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets 2.0

You’ve deployed a few Sql Azure servers and through no fault of your own the requirement comes up to update all of the firewall rules for each of the Sql Azure Servers.

No Problem!

Adding new SQL Azure Firewall Rules

Get-SqlAzureServer -Certificate $cert -SubscriptionId $subscriptionid | foreach {
  $_ | New-SqlAzureFirewallRule -RuleName "NewRule1" -StartIpAddress "" -EndIpAddress ""
  $_ | New-SqlAzureFirewallRule -RuleName "NewRule2" -StartIpAddress "" -EndIpAddress ""

Removing Rules is Just as Easy

Get-SqlAzureServer -Certificate $cert -SubscriptionId $subscriptionid | foreach {
  $_ | Remove-SqlAzureFirewallRule -RuleName "OldRule1"
  $_ | Remove-SqlAzureFirewallRule -RuleName "OldRule2"

This of course requires the Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets 2.0